👉 What Happened on Tech Twitter in November (special announcement)

Elon lied to you, ads are good, get meetings with amazing people, Nikita S tweeter of the month, and more plus a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Yo! Here are the best tweets, tweetstorms & discussions from November curated by me, Brett. Before getting into it, I have a special announcement

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And now the November roundup of Tech Twitter TLDR:

Most Controversial Tweet

Tesla unveiled its Cybertruck this month and to demonstrate its power, he filmed it in a tug-of-war with a F-150. The problem? The F-150 had no payload, so of course it didn’t have the traction to pull the Cybertruck.

One of Ford’s VPs seized the moment and challenged Musk to another test, to which Musk happily obliged. A day later, Ford PR said the VP was just joking and that they have “nothing to prove.”

The runner up here is this interesting discussion about ads - they’re actually good. They pay the bills so we can use great services for free and introduce us to great deals and new brands we may like.

Most Useful Tweet

If you want to meet with someone, ask them. They’ll probably say no but eventually it will work out.

Most Interesting Tweet

Once you see how the sausage is made, you probably don’t want your friends and family to eat the sausage.

As click-baity as tweets like this are, it’s really cool to see how much has happened in the last decade. Here’s to the next!

Funniest Tweet - The Softbank Deck

With WeWork’s valuation in the gutter, Softbank has been circulating a deck with investors that articulates their plan for making things right. As Matthew Ball points out, just looking at the slides makes it clear how this all happened in the first place.

Coolest Tweet

This might be a glimpse of what the future holds for live concerts.

Tweeter of the Month - Nikita Singareddy (@okkkboomer)

Nikita is an investor at NYC-based RRE Ventures. On Twitter, Nikita shares a mix of thoughtful analysis as well and tweets for pure entertainment. She says she’s a “serial experimenter” in her bio, and it couldn’t be more true of anyone else. Between only tweeting via Animoji, changing her Twitter handle to @okkkboomer, and asking everyone on Twitter to use her email to sign her up for things, she runs a lot of funky experiments to say the least.

Here are some great tweets from her this month:

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